No one gives advice like the advice from someone who has had a similar experience as you! We want to expand an open hand to those still suffering from a skin condition and still searching for a solution.

This is your opportunity to PAY IT FORWARD and share your positive experience with someone else out there that is starting to feel hopeless and discouraged.

As you, our loyal customer, already know. We at Kamedis care about our customer's entire skincare journey, and we aim to provide as much support and guidance as we can no matter where one is along that journey.

In honor of this, we are opening up this campaign to everyone in our Kamedis Community!

Share your story with our growing community and benefit from a supply of your favorite products.

***IMPORTANT INFORMATION: only a limited amount of slots available! More information below.

Here are the Campaign Options:

1. Share a photo of YOU + TEXT TESTIMONIAL

- Send us a selfie with your favorite Kamedis product or a clear and well lit "before" and "after" shot of your skin (sent separately). 
- Text testimonial of your history with the skin condition, how does the product look/feel/smell to you, your experience with the product(s) and your recommendation. 

*One Month Free Supply: you will receive $50 credit to be used on our website ( Only 30 slots available.

2. Share with us a VIDEO REVIEW of your experience with Kamedis products, including: 

- Your story with the skin condition
- A description of the product (how does it feel/smell/look for you)
How was your experience with the product, how did it solve the problem, how long you've been using Kamedis and what did you like most about the product 
- A recommendation
- Video should be filmed vertically.


*3 Month Free Supply: you will receive $150 credit to be used on our website ( Only 20 slots available.

3. Share with us a VLOG  + UNBOXING + TEXT TESTIMONIAL (VIDEO BLOG) on your experience with Kamedis, including:

- A daily progress report of skin condition over 10 day period
- Sharing background story on history with the skin condition
- Unboxing + Product Review (smell, color, use)
- Summary on experience with the products, how did it solve the problem and make your skin feel/look. What did you like about the product(s) and recommendation.
- Video should be filmed vertically.

*6 Month Free Supply: you will receive $300 credit to be used on our website ( Only 10 slots available. 

Inside the link below you will be led to a form to fill out your details, and details on the content you are submitting. Then you will be prompted to submit your image/video. Once you have submitted your content and your video for review, we will respond within 48 hours if the submitted content is approved (this is just to ensure relevance and quality of the videos we will use). We will then send you a release form that will need to be signed, allowing us to use the content submitted for marketing purposes, and we will then be able to award you with your complimentary products!


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