Meet our

R&D Team

Kamedis R&D team continuously invest in botanicals research, botanical synergies, development of innovative formulations and formulations improvement.  With vast experience and knowledge our team respond fast to changing needs and trends and is constantly working to deliver better solutions for our customers.

Kamedis R&D team includes experts in the fields of plant extraction, formulation of effective formulas for skin problems, analytical chemistry for identification of active substances, and biological activity testing of plants and finished products.


Botanicals Research & Synergies

Kamedis proven botanicals are Kamedis products’ core essence. As such Kamedis R&D team explored over 400 Traditional Chinese Medicinal botanical extracts in order to map out its remedies to gain a complete understanding of how they actually work.

The team constantly validates the efficacy and safety of our botanicals and develops the optimal formula for superior and effective results for each skin condition and finds the right dosage of botanicals that restores balance to the skin.


Development of Innovative Formulations

Our R&D team provides arrange of solutions. New Product Development is an integral part of Kamedis. Our strength and competitive advantage comes from our deep knowledge of our core essence, our botanicals, and from our product offering and continuous innovation. The R&D team at Kamedis works closely with our Manufacturing sites and Quality Assurance department to ensure newly developed products transition smoothly into production.

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